Violets and Pansies - Cultivated and Species Viola Worldwide

My interest

I have an ongoing fascination with violets and pansies, sparked into existence by my elder sister, Valerie, in a letter she wrote to me in February 1991.

My main focus is in writing a photographic monograph on species Viola worldwide (the title is a secret, for now!). Other writing and photographic projects concerning violets and pansies, amongst other topics, are also in progress.

Editors please note: I am interested in writing photographically illustrated articles for magazines; here's an example featuring Viola elatior, which you may also see in an IVA publication such as Sweet Times. Slides from my photo library are also available for repro. Please phone 01252-316649 or email me to discuss subject matter and repro fees. In future, I plan to have my slide library on this web site...

For Kim's benefit, a small collection of photographs of Viola persicifolia.

For Jose's benefit, two photos of Viola cazorlensis (100Kb).

For the benefit of readers of the gardenweb violet forum, three photos of Viola eizanensis (76Kb).

Discussion of Viola adenothrix

Organizations for those keen on violets and/or pansies include:

Other plant-related organizations which feature Viola amongst their scopes include: "What about...?", you say... OK - I know there are plenty of others I should add here... ...but at least it's a start.

National collections concerning Viola include:

These collections are in a state of flux.


If you are interested in swapping Viola seed, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

This is my 1998 list.

The IVA is trying to promote interest in a seed exchange scheme. To find out more, contact: Nathalie Casbas, 4 Route de Villemur, 31620 Villaudric, France. In future, this scheme may absorb seed lists from individuals such as myself.


Books, prints, trade cards, stamps, art, etc...


If you have any questions about wild or cultivated violets or pansies, please email me.