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This is your connection to current news and views on plant conservation worldwide.

Plant Talk's wealth of informed opinion, expressed as articles and letters, is richly illustrated by colour and black and white photographs and artwork, and published to a high professional standard. The magazine owes much of its liveliness to its creators and driving force - Hugh Synge and John Akeroyd, well known as professionals with a passion for plant conservation. Propulsion also arises from the enthusiasm and concern of contributors and an advisory panel of prominent individuals from around the world, namely: Dr. Peter Raven (USA), Prof. David Bellamy (UK), Prof. Loutfy Boulos (Egypt), Dr. Enrique Forero (Colombia), Prof. César Gómez-Campo (Spain), Prof. He Shan-an (China), Prof. Brian Huntley (South Africa), Prof. Gren Lucas (UK) and Dr. Peter Wyse-Jackson (Ireland).

But you, too, can help propel Plant Talk to greater achievment in conserving plants!
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