Lucy and Gee - 30th April 2005

Mike and Cindy paying a visit...

Gee's cottage - Brackendale - where Gee and Lucy grew up.

Brackendale on the edge of Ashdown Forest. Gee dare not change the colour of the house, not that she's particularly keen on doing so, because it features as a landmark in walker's guidebooks and maps! The flower bed in the foreground is Lucy and Gee's first 'memory bed' - in memory of their husbands.

Gee outside Brackendale, enjoying a cuppa, and looking thoroughly at home (as so she should!).

Shrubs and perennials from April Cottage just planted by Mike in Gee and Lucy's second 'memory bed' - in memory of Vi & Bill.
From left to right: Viburnum X burkwoodii (strongly scented heads of white flowers in late spring), Weigela 'Bristol Ruby' (waxy red flowers in early summer), (hydrangea from Gee), Anemone X hybrida (tall pink-flowered Japanese anemone), and pink geranium and golden marjoram towards the corners. At the edge, just behind the viburnum is a piece of the sweet violet, Viola odorata that sprinkled the lawn at April Cottage with its violet and white jewels; another piece from the same root is planted where Mum and Dad are interred, at Leatherhead.

Tea with Gee, Lucy, Cindy and Mike (with a little manipulation to include Cindy, who took the photo.)

Set of Liberty teaspoons & wedding message from Dorothy to Vi & Bill; given to Lucy by Mike on behalf of Valerie and Sylvia, as a memento - like Gee now has plants from their garden.

Lucy and Gee by the garden gates, Brackendale (a little fuzzy, sorry).

Dear Gee & Lucy - Love and thanks from Cindy and me for a lovely afternoon (and scrummy cakes). Do pay us a return visit if ever you're over our way - we'd love to return your warmth and hospitality (and Cindy's cakes are pretty good, too). Mike.